March 07, 2005

PMS Power!

Ladies, I want you to think of all the moments in your life when you came to deep and painful realisations, made dramatic decisions, ended relationships or gave someone who deserved it a good cussing out. Was it that time of the month?

I know we are supposed to be politically correct about these things now and most of you would cringe if someone (especially a female-threatened man) blamed PMS for any uncharacteristic outspokenness or less-than-ladylike behaviour you might display. But I must confess that all my great epiphanies, painful self discoveries or sudden bursts of inspiration are somehow related to my moon cycle. It seems to be the time when I am attuned to subtle frequencies of emotional vibrations. I can suddenly "pick up" vibes from people I never picked up before- the hidden sadness behind a co-worker's boastful retelling of their weekend; the purposeful tactics my lover uses to dig at my heart; the unhealthy threads holding weakening patterns of behaviour together. It all becomes so clear. For no reason, I get strong attractive or repelling reactions to certain people. It is also the time when my lover and I have had our most violent (in words and emotions only) fights and thus also identified the biggest problems looming beneath the surface of what is otherwise a leewardly calm relationship. I know I am not the only woman this has happened to.

Something tells me that if you were to keep a journal of your thoughts and your relationships with others you will see some very interesting developments happening in your life around your period. Ancient religions that revere the Goddess see a woman's menstruation as a time of power and renewal. Indeed, I find that it is often a time when I get rid of a lot of garbage, not just the blood itself but emotional garbage and spiritual garbage. Could this be that this natural "purge" is one of the reasons women live longer and can endure more emotional hardship than men usually can without resorting to suicide, violence or other forms of anti-social behaviour? Surely then, having your period is no curse, but a blessing. Indeed after the discomfort of the first two days, I find myself strangely light of heart, full of energy, sexually charged, creatively inspired and deeply motivated.

Wouldn't it be something if society started celebrating this time as a time of increased sensory awareness, emotional healing and renewal. Imagine if employers saw the monthly adventures of female employees as a plus instead of a negative-"Oh if you need someone with KILLER sensitivity to the emotional impact of this ad, call Joan, she's PMSing!" or "Lisa just came back from her one day mini-menstrual break and she now has the mental strength of ten men, give HER the extra work load." Can you picture a band of female vigilantes who got together during their PMS time to channel all that agitation and violent rage into neighbourhood security patrol. It sounds silly now, but women being placed in seclusion to use their special powers for the benefit of the entire tribe, during this time is not unheard of. PMS can be an asset. We just have to re-learn how to tap into it.