March 12, 2011

2012 Survival Kit- How To Defeat Lack Part 2

Okay, so I in the last blog post I opened the 2012 Survival Kit and showed you how to defeat this spiritual setback before I actually explored the setback. I was really eager that you fully comprehend The Law Of Manifestation and the power up of Divine Trust before I went any further because it will serve as our sword and shield as we enter this treacherous, dismal territory of Spiritual Lack.

First of all, what exactly is Spiritual Lack?

Spiritual Lack is quite simply, Powerlessness due to lack of awareness of:

Your Past- Your immediate past and your past existences.

Your Power- Your ability to use: The Law Of Manifestation, The Law Of Consequence, The Law Of Attraction and all the Power Ups- Forgiveness, Freewill, Divine Trust, Unconditional Love.

Your Purpose- To walk your narrow, unique, individual path with integrity, honesty and openness to knowledge and growth towards mastery gained by ultimate understanding of The Source Of It All.

Without an active awareness about these things, you are will feel like just a spec adrift in a vast, frightening ocean over which you have no control. You will become so desperate for something, anything, to cling to, you will leave yourself wide open to being hauled or pressed ganged upon the first flotsam or ship that speaks to your most primitive inclinations whether a religion, political party or a relationship. You will become overly possessive over any possessions, people or philosophies that give you the slightest iota of a perceived advantage. You will use any means necessary to retain your power over them. You will always operate from a place of fear and pessimism, applying more force than is needed to achieve your goals. This ultimately hurts others, the planet and themselves.

If you are more of the deist or agnostic type, understand it this way: You as a human being have full and free autonomy in this Universe within all the laws of the Universe. Spiritual Lack is the inability to see this and to fearfully self-subjugate to less than one’s true potential under false and conditional premises.

In its raw, passive state, Spiritual Lack manifests as crippling unreservedness, insecurity, guilt, neediness and poverty.

Spiritual Lack Starts With Believing In A Lacking God

Although we are of The Divine or Universal Energy that created everything, we are free agents because the Divine Parent/Universal Energy has no inadequacies. Therefore it has no gap to fill and no need to make slaves of Its children or even use Its children to massage Its ego. It is counter-intuitive to any claim of Its Almightiness or Ultra-Universality to want for anything or be in need of anything from anyone or anything. In order for Its Almightiness to make logical sense it must be the Ultimate Unconditional Source.

A jealous, angry, God that demands worship and subjugation is not an Almighty God.

If this is hard to understand, compare the attributes of parents who exercise undue control and ownership over their children versus those who offer unconditional love, care, wisdom and guidance to the best of their ability yet allow their child full self-determination. You will always find the controlling parent is overcompensating for some form of personal lack whether it is unrealized dreams, guilt, fear, insecurity. They transfer these passive Lack attributes unto their child. Now why would a Divine Parent need to do this to Its creations? Such a Being could not possibly be Almighty.

At the root of many people’s Spiritual Lack is a Deity that needs constant bolstering up by human slaves. It gets jealous. It can be hurt by human actions. It offers no freewill. It has human enemies. It cannot forgive. It has limits. It has an extensive bureaucracy of rules and punishments. It cannot give unconditionally. It bargains or threatens in order to get love and obedience. It is resentful of human empowerment. These less-than Almighty deities are unable to grant their progeny autonomy and power because it would usurp their sovereignty…which is of course, a ruse.

It is a ruse for a man-made system of sovereignty based on Lack, Fear and Masculine/Feminine unbalance.

All forms of Lack are ultimately based on falsehood.

If you are submitting to such an insecure deity then you are actually at the mercy of a foundation constructed from the fearful bowels of primitive, limited human minds already infected with Lack. People who believe in an insecure, jealous deity of conditional love find themselves in a paradoxical spiritual situation. They are supposed to have faith that this deity is infinite yet are always unable to completely trust that It can defend itself, work out its own justice. So they are always forced to do it on behalf of the deity. The more insecure the deity construct, the more violent the defensiveness, proselytizing and punishment meted out by Its fearful followers. They can always be herded into thoughtless defense of their vulnerable God and will constantly suffer from poverty of mind and spirit. It is the most hopeless condition. It is also dangerous. Why?

Not trusting you are loved unconditionally by the Divine and there is truly enough Divine love for everyone. You still think you have to earn it! Your spiritual life becomes a competition for Divine favor instead of self-mastery. You derive a great portion of your spiritual self-worth from feeling you have earned God’s favor and are therefore superior to others. You also want tangible popular validation and victory over outsiders as a reward for your noble efforts.

It is a lie and all lies are dangerous.

Awareness of the truth is the only way to defeat Spiritual Lack, starting with the truth that the Grand Architect is so much better and more powerful than ANYTHING man has ever devised. The truth is if the Universe/Originator is Almighty, it has no special need to compel or punish us in anyway. We are already naturally free and powerful wielders of many Universal/Divine gifts including The Law Of Manifestation.
Why Do You Need To Feel Lack When…

You Are Eternal.

Time is eternal. Energy is eternal. You are a construct of both. Knowledge of this is perhaps one of the most empowering things ever and we will touch on it more when we explore Fear.

The eternal existence of your consciousness is something you must own or risk someone exploiting your amnesia and subsequent fear about death. Everything happening to you in this life is a result of your own actions in this life or the ones before or after. Wake up! Wake up to your fully aware self behind the control board of a simultaneous stream of all your multiple existences across time and dimensions!

You Have A Purpose

It can only be found when you not only recognize but live the aforementioned truth. There are karmic issues in need of proactive resolution on your part right now. There is a spiritual path to truth narrow enough just for you to walk in this life. But you will never find your own unique path if you spend your time distracted by desperately clinging onto people, positions and possessions that compensate for your Lack. You will not find it by comparing how other people are walking on their unique path and over-compensating for all the ways it makes you feel inadequate by using False Power.

You Are Already Powerful

When a naturally powerful person has been deceived to be unaware of their power, they will over-compensate with added force. This results in destruction within and without. They unnecessarily stress themselves and they also damage the people, objects and environments on which their exaggerated force is applied.

We apply a wasteful and dangerous amount of surplus force to everything we do. Spiritual Lack results in False Power which manifests as: ingratitude, greed, envy, megalomania

It is not coincidence that the richer, more educated, more powerful, physically attractive and desired by women a straight man is, the less likely it is that he will be homophobic. The more pre-occupied someone is about learning their spiritual path and mastering the less obsessed they are in converting every Tom, Dick and Harry. Someone who is taking the time to truly appreciate their material possessions and share with the less fortunate are less likely to go into debt trying to keep up with the Jonses.

An elephant is tremendously powerful yet so fully aware of its power and when, where and how to skillfully wield it. It does not have to apply anymore force than needed.

We have already established that the Law Of Manifestation is at work in our Universe. Do you really think those who have the power to enslave others in Lack do not know about this Law? Of course they do!

Who Is Using Your Power?

Remember I told you that the gloves are off this year. So let me lay it down. For every bona fide spiritual teacher who has tried to free us from Lack, there are a thousand false teachers who seek to enslave us for their own Lack-based motives. You see, although you may not know how powerful you are, trust me, someone else knows and if you don’t wield your power with enlightened discernment, they will steal it for their own selfish means.

“Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?”- The Best Of You-Foo Fighters

Entire human economic, religious and political systems are based on Lack. So the fight to liberate humanity from this setback is an arduous one, made all the harder because we also have our primal inclinations working against us. Our primitive impulse to grab and hoard for later is a deeply ingrained survival tool. Our subcutaneous fat cells and natural penchant for fats, sugars and gluttony exist because we once needed to store up energy for long periods of starvation. We have real desperation in our karmic time-stream. We have an overriding need to be restless and unsatisfied because of our Masculine/Yang/Omega ambition to constantly push, discover, create and evolve and that too is out of balance because of the denigration of the necessary counter-balance of Feminine/Yin/Alpha streak to embrace, nurture, remember and conserve.

We have an uphill battle against not just all the external forces that promote an environment and mentality of Lack but our own innate, un-evolved, primitive vulnerability to it.

The religious /political exploiters of human Lack know that if they get vast nations of people to believe they have actually wronged an Almighty God in some way, they can acquire fearful, guilt-motivated devotion to a tyrannical (man-made) God that can be exploited in any number of ways. For example they can get billions of people praying everyday for the destruction of Western freedoms. The economic exploiters of religious lack know that if they get enough insecure people to believe that manual labor/blue collar is lesser than mental labor/white collar, they can manifest and maintain a class system based on people with low self-esteem willing to allow their jobs to be shipped abroad for human slaves to do. If enough people believe there is something inadequate about their naturally kinky hair or pale skin, they can manifest profits from relaxers and spray tans.

On the positive side, it means that according to that same Law Of Manifestation, if we apply an opposing spiritual manifestation of awareness, love, abundance, peace and compassion we can manifest positive change in the material world. It is time for you to join the few of us who constantly project light, love, peace, prosperity into our environments. It is not too late to step up the wishes/prayers/spell-casting/rituals/creative expressions/affirmations/meditations for world-peace, world-contentment, world-enlightenment. Those of you who employ visualizations and affirmations, why not include a little space for changing our world for the better along with your wishes for personal success? The time has come for those of us with the Survival Kit tools to push back against the tide in active, innovative, strategic ways.

Own your power! Use your power! Never fall prey to feelings of hopeless lack again! You can help to shape this world into the positive vision you wish to manifest.

We who have an infinite view of Divinity/Universe have the ability to be infinitely more imaginative than those who dwell in Lack and worship Lacking-divinities. Think about it. Think about it and then brainstorm your plot to manifest good in this world.