February 25, 2011

2012 Survival Kit- How To Defeat Lack Part 1

Why are people so intolerant, insecure, discontent, egotistical, selfish, gluttonous, ungrateful?

In a word: Lack.

This is actually the second time I am delving into an exploration of the quagmire that is Lack. I have done essays on Gratitude 1 and 2 that touch on the ills of Lack. Since that time, I have learned a few new spiritual tools to enhance the journey this time round.

The Law Of Manifestation

I can now admit that at the time of my penning those two previous essays, I was struggling with my own issues of discontentment with my abundance and insecurity about my ability as a writer, lover and tremendous apprehension about my spiritual path. After they were published, I continued to struggle and undergo traumatic transformations necessary to help me grow. You see those of us who dare to walk the scary and lonely spiritual path and not the path of inertia and religious comfort find that even as we share our discoveries, even as people call us "so wise for your age”, “a pillar of strength” and “source of insight” we are painfully aware of our own inadequacies and fears as we struggle in the midst of terrifying adventures. Try writing about being grateful when you are broke or your love life is in upheaval. It’s not easy.

However, out of my travails I have uncovered one undisputed spiritual truth at work, yet another of those Universal Laws. We shall call it the Law Of Manifestation. It is very similar to the Law of Consequence/Karma but do not confuse the two.

The Law Of Consequence/Karma

The Law of Consequence/Karma deals with Universal Balance through the eternal stream of time. One action in the eternal stream of time must be equally balanced out by an equal reaction at some point in that eternal stream of time. If you so choose you can take an active role in the balancing or you can let the inertia of karma do it. Spiritual pathfinders prefer actively managing their karma through The Power Up Of Forgiveness instead of letting inertia do the job. Examples of this approach can be seen in:

A domestic abuse perpetrator seeking therapy and later volunteering at a women’s shelter and sharing his learning curve with both men and women to prevent the violence from continuing

A Holocaust survivor actively fighting for human rights and the end of genocide of all people and not falling into excusing the same entitlement and violent racial/religious nationalism against Palestinians

A woman doing a past-life regression and discovering that in her former life, she was part of a tribe in Africa that responded to violent colonialization with brutal oppression of their own females, of which she was one. During the oppression, her beloved sister was torn away from her, the women in her tribe began to be genitally mutilated and when she tried to fight against it, she was brutally executed as a witch but not before she unleashed a vitriolic curse her male tribesmen for their betrayal. Now in her present life, she feels the echoes of her anger and betrayal. In her childhood and early womanhood she has suffered the karmic ill-effects of her own curse on her black brothers and now as a mature woman is taking spiritual responsibility to unravel the curse though The Power Up Of Forgiveness.

Just like how a mineral needs corresponding a Vitamin Power up (Iron needs Vitamin C) The Law Of Consequence/Karma works in tandem with the Power Up Of Forgiveness, so you can avoid the needless suffering of inertia.

All of these are examples of overcoming the inertia of karma by exercising your freewill to choose differently before, during or after. This is so powerful it can alter the very nature of the effect in the present which sets off a chain reaction of re-balancing the future and even the past for time is a continuum.

The Law Of Manifestation on the other hand, deals with Universal Balance over planes or dimensions, not over time. In other words, if something is created in one dimension, it must be mirrored in all dimensions. That is not so strange to comprehend. It is a facet of many spiritual traditions from the pagan, “As above, so below,” to the Judeo/Christian, “As in heaven, so on earth.”

As above so below- The Law Of Manifestation

The Law Of Manifestation is the cosmic process by which the seemingly impossible statement “Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened,” is made true. It was presented in glossy, fast food format to millions in The Secret with objectives of personal material gain and avoidance of the equally valid and necessary dark, bitter, painful aspects of life. These are aspects that scare away those who have not yet begun to deal with Fear, another one of the spiritual setbacks we will tackle in the 2012 Survival Kit Series.

According to the Law Of Manifestation, when you submit to a process of learning spiritual truths, sharing them and affirming them in the dimension of spiritual/consciousness then you can expect these principles to manifest in all areas of your life. In other words, if you do not want to rock the boat of your relationships, career, personal goals, ego, lifestyle, addictions and tastes, then do not ever pray/wish/spell-cast/affirm/meditate upon any new spiritual insights because once you do, SOMETHING is going to shift in the physical world whether you like it or not. As above, so below.

The Law Of Manifestation works in tandem with the Power Up Of Divine Trust (Fearlessness), so you can avoid the pitfall of Powerless Lack.

Often the process of manifestation is not always pleasant because it often means a big helping of extremely bitter greens served up by The Divine Chef/Universe to trigger the change you seek. Here is where immature spiritual seekers who do not have the Power Up Of Divine Trust (Fearlessness) get stumped. Here is where all those readers of The Secret who thought they could just ask the Universe for million dollars and it magically appears get disenchanted when the process is not as smooth as they expected.

“But I asked to be wealthy! Instead I got fired! See? It does not work! I am going back to my old thinking!”

They do not see it was actually their job that was holding them back from a true wealth opportunity. Sometimes the temporary loss of certain material or status privileges that is distracting or derailing the manifestation process is necessary to give clarity about how wealthy they are and can be. Or sometimes, the manifestation is so subtle and unexpected, they miss it altogether because they were expecting some big splashy miracle like a lottery win or grand inheritance from some long lost relative. They completely overlook a nagging side-project or seemingly frivolous hobby of theirs that could make them a millionaire or all the other forms of abundant wealth all around them.

“But I asked for a better relationship with my spouse! I have been doing affirmations and meditations on it and instead of romance and harmony it seems we are just arguing ALL THE TIME!”

They do not see that the emotional breakdown is what provides the eventual breakthrough if they and their spouse work through it productively. The vitriolic arguments are just the symptom of the underlying infection coming to the surface like a puss-filled pimple to be squeezed and medicated. After this, it will be smooth and sensuous like they requested.Or maybe they are with the wrong spouse and need to end it in order to open up the door to someone who will fulfill their request.

How many soul-mates have you rejected after begging the Universe/Divine Chef for one? Ever considered there are abundant possibilities out there, some of which are far better than what you can currently envision?

Don’t ask the Universe/Divine Chef for help or transformation and at the same time secretly wish that everything stays the same because it is comfortable and you fear conflict/change. Don’t ask the Universe/Divine Chef for their will to be done and then make specific demands of how it MUST manifest according to your prejudices. That is like going into an exclusive, French restaurant with a five star Michelin chef and telling them, “Give me your best for my edification in fine gourmet cuisine!” then laying down all kinds of restrictions on what cooking techniques they are allowed to use.

Allow the Universe/Divine Chef to be abundant with you in all things. Allow abundant possibilities for manifestation. Apply fearless Divine Trust to the Law Of Manifestation and you have just dealt with the most damning of human setbacks- Spiritual Lack.

Okay, so I just opened the 2012 Survival Kit and showed you how to defeat this spiritual setback. I was eager that you fully comprehend The Law Of Manifestation and the power up of Divine Trust before I went any further because it will serve as our sword and shield as we enter this treacherous, dismal territory of Spiritual Lack. Hopefully, you feel more empowered to explore Spiritual Lack a little deeper. We lift our sword to challenge it head on, next blog post.

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