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From bible-quoting, always preaching confident Christian in my pre-adolescent days, to seriously conflicted teenager, agnostic, anti-religious young adult and now an eclectic Universalist that considers the journey not yet complete, this is the most important thing I have learned long my way:

I believe that a person of his or her own, adult, free-will should be free to decide to hold himself to any religious standard that impacts his own life, health, freedom, education, family, peace and security. However, if they want to decide the rights decisions and lives of others, whether one person or multitudes they must establish an objective and scientifically true basis for doing so. If they cannot, their statements must come with a disclaimer.

Here is mine:

What I share is my opinion based on my life experiences and my spiritual path. I share it without condition or expectation that anyone reading it must adopt it. I believe we each must walk our own path. Scientific truth can help us walk with knowledge of where we came and project where we can safely thread next. Spiritual truths can help us better appreciate the scenery on the way and feel less fatigued by the journey. The former is as absolute as the air you need to power your lungs while you walk. The latter is as personal as your individual stride and pace. We all need air to walk but we don’t all have to walk the exact same way, in fact some are unable to walk and use wheelchairs. It does not make them less deserving of basic human rights. It is with that attitude I approach science and spirituality.

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