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From the time I came out to my extremely strict, religious father at 15, I have never been in the closet. Even when I was not openly gay, I have always been honestly gay while living and working in one of the most homophobic regions on the planet- The Caribbean, without the social protections wealthier LGBT people here enjoy.

My stubborness to be true to myself and to pursue the same professional respect and stable home life has not always been easy. At one point, after a long period of family isolation, hopelessness and fear (after a series of escalating verbal and physical assaults) my life partner and I virtually ran away to England where we actually considered seeking assylum. A process which brought us face to face with horror stories from LGBT people all over the world that were ten times worse than ours. We grew more as individuals in one year of a gypsy-like existence in the UK than in all our eight years together.

Now, seven years later, back in the Caribbean, still together, still living with fierce honesty, we have a newfound courage. In hindsight, were inspiring people without even realizing we were. Our experience has led to contributions to Lloyd Newson's DV8 Theatre London's Production "To Be Straight With You" and most of all, this blog circa 2005, which has from the beginning spoken out for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered brothers and sisters.

Essays from most recent:

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