January 18, 2007

Where did the Alien go?

Well I have been taking some time off for myself and in the process opening up to some extremely wonderful life experiences and some not so wonderful ones as well.

From St. Lucia to London to Brighton back to Tobago and then Trinidad, the last seven months can only be described as exhausting, disturbing, inspirational and soul-altering. My partner and I have been victims and victors. We were assaulted constantly in true Caribbean hate-crime fashion in St. Lucia. We were embraced by the gay community in the UK. We made and lost friends and re-made friends. From professional highs and tearful farewells in St. Lucia to performing in front of thousands at Gay Pride 2006, in Brighton to frolicking buck nekked on a nudist beach to temporary homelessness at Gatwick and living with a bunch of flight attendant queens, what a year!

Now I am back, trying to do the responsible 9-5 thing and fired up to speak my mind about so many things, spiritual, political and personal. So, that’s it. It’s good to be back

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