August 13, 2008

Hello all!

Sorry for the time away but it was crucial I devote some time to my writing and personal life, especially since my professional life is like riding a maddened horse down a steep hill towards a cliff.

I have been taking French at Alliance Francaise in an effort to reconnect with the country of my birth. Maintenent je peux le parler, l’ecriver et le lisser trop facil avec les Francaises et je vais continuer les cours Intemedierre cette Septembre. Je voudrais retourner a France pour visiter Paris et Besancon, la place ou je suis ne, avec ma petite amore.

I have a juicy little series of articles I wrote on Advertising, complete with my cartoons. They will go up next week but for now I will leave you with a letter to the Guardian and Express newspaper I wrote in response to Dr. Dick's claims that the Equal Opportunties Bill in Trinidad and Tobago will result in Christians like herself being persecuted when they assert their right to moral superiority and try to convert non-Christians.


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