February 26, 2008

New Years Wish For 2008 Conclusion

How are you going? January is long gone and February is almost over and I hope that already, the year is transforming quickly into what it is you want it to be. I hope you feel more powerful, loved and optimistic. I hope your thoughts are changing and you find yourself thinking more pleasant, loving, funny and hopeful thoughts about life. So let’s recall, we spoke about loving yourself, becoming more prosperous and having better relationships. What else do I wish for you and what else do you most wish for yourself? Perhaps we could talk a little on changing our overall well-being and communities as well.

It still starts with the same building blocks. Our thoughts are the start of the creation. What you think about constantly will be made real eventually. A thought is merely electrical impulses or energy. Everything is energy. In terms of quantum physics, there is no difference between a thought and a hot roti. They can both flow seamlessly into the other. Test me on this. Start thinking of a hot roti; tasting it in your mind and in the memory of your taste buds; thinking of all the places a hot roti could come from and feeling as if you are having one right now. Close your eyes and hold your hands as if you were holding a roti and see it in your hands. Feel the heat coming from it. Smell that roti. Get very specific in your imagination about the type of curry filling inside of it. Open your eyes. Repeat this exercise often. Do everything except actively go out and pursue a roti. Still, somehow a roti will serendipitously find a way into your life. Someone will offer to buy you one out of the blue or there will be roti served at a conference or dinner you are attending. This is a good one for Tisha to try as she is living in Spain and rotis are seemingly hard to come by. So you will know for sure when you do this little test that it works. Try it.

Now that is the power of the Law of Attraction using your thought alone. Imagine if you use it in conjunction with asking for what you want from God/Universe and also making your desires known to the right people and acting as if. However, there is a caution. One of the ways we self-sabotage is that we get distracted with the How. We want to know “How exactly is my new home going to happen?” or “How exactly are we going to afford that trip to London?” How? How? How? That is why in the roti exercise I removed the method from the equation. The “How” is not important! Let God/Universe take care of the How. When you limit your perception of what the “How” should be, you stifle the abundance and endless miracles available to you. The roti can enter your life in ANY infinite number of ways. If you start dwelling on one or two scenarios, you will begin to restrict and lengthen the time it takes for things to happen. Often you hear really religious people talk about people who lack faith. They lay their burdens on de Lord and yet still keep worrying about “How the problems will be solved”. It’s basically the same thing I am saying. Just as there are infinite mathematical ways of arriving at Number 4 as the end solution, there are infinite ways for that roti to come to you. Let it go! Some of the best vacations, parties or experiences I have had, was when I just let go in my mind of “How it is supposed to unfold.” Even the best case scenario you can dream up, God/Universe can up the ante. So when you make your requests leave that part of the form blank in your thoughts and feelings. If you have to think anything just let it be, “The best possible way for me that is in harmony with the will of God/Universe.”

Think back through your life and you will realize so many self-prophetic moments it will boggle your mind. How many times have you thought of doing a certain thing, living a certain place, meeting a certain person, or having a certain experience and years later or even sooner or sometimes instantly you find yourself doing just that. Want to hear something really uncanny? When I was a little girl, I used to draw ads. I had copy books filled with cosmetic ads, food and soft drink ads that I created. I drew the pictures, models and named the products and selling lines myself. Now just look at what field I am working in today! It didn’t matter how hard my father tried to push me into sciences, this was something I created in the fabric of the Universe since I was six years old and it had to come true whether or not I will be doing it for the rest of my career is another story. You see why it is important to encourage children to actively dream and imagine a future? You see how detrimental it is when a child cannot dream because they surrounded by violence and lack. Do you see why cultures around the world where a childhood is impossible to enjoy often stay rooted in violence and deprivation?

Childhood is probably the most powerful creation time because we are untainted by cynicism. Children truly believe things will happen and do so with an unbridled joy and power that we need to recapture as adults. Children do not doubt they are entitled and deserve love until adults start disappointing and restricting them; imposing their own conditional love and fears on that soul. That is why I keep saying “Let us never lose that child-like streak! That kicksy, imaginative, ridiculous sense of humour!” Don’t worry if people think you are weird and immature! I am one of the silliest people you will ever meet! I am full of ridiculousness! There have been many times when I buss a joke and I find myself laughing by myself amidst curious stares, especially when I am not in Trinidad or among you my friends or creative people who get me. But that is okay! Many times I see something only I would find funny and I start laughing amidst more curious stares. Who cares!? By the way, just the other day my fellow copywriter and I were rolling with laughter because we were talking about how hard it is to be a goat in the Caribbean. Between goat head soup in Jamaica, goat curry, goat ritual sacrifices, goats forced to race and big hard back men bulling de poor goats. We went as far along the premise as opening a therapy clinic for abused and traumatized goats. Of course it is not as funny now when I write it down but at the time it was really belly-laugh inducing, trust me. This week I composed a really stupid soca tune called “Soca Wedgie” (when you wine so much, your panty go up your bum bum and you have to discretely pull it out) and I have every intention of seeing if it will actually find its way on the airwaves for Carnival 2009, just to test a theory.

Being silly doesn’t mean you are irresponsible; unable to pay your bills or take care of business in a board room. It certainly does not mean you are “childish” in your reasoning. It just means you can still dream and you have imagination and you have joy. If we don’t have those things we are dead in the water friends…literally. Serious people get sicker more often, get cancer more often and die earlier too without every really milking any joy out of life. I remember when my step mom was being treated for cancer; her oncologist spoke to her of “The Cancer Personality”- an attitude that makes you more susceptible to cancer. He mentioned people who hold on to grudges, hurts and pain. Those who constantly self-sacrifice are afraid to speak their feelings and those who take everything way too seriously and don’t laugh or laugh on the outside only. One of the good things that came out of her battle and remission (hope it is permanent) was she loosened up a whole lot. It was probably why my relationship with her improved greatly around then.

I want you to think back to the moments when you projected thoughts that later became reality. Was it just casual thinking? Or did you visualize yourself in that desired situation, feeling good while doing so and believing “childishly” somehow, “I deserve this, I just know I do.” You were sending out creative energy and the Universe responded in kind with the tangible energetic manifestation of what you have created for yourself. Thoughts are important but active imagination and active visualization and feeling and acting as if already are what really speed things up. I don’t want you to get overly obsessed about every thought you have . From time to time involuntary negative thoughts will come. That is okay. Its when you hold that negative thought overly long and start to feel and imagine the negative situation for a prolonged period that you set the Law of Attraction in fast motion to speed a negative outcome to you. That is what you have to avoid. You will have indicators too when you have been dwelling too long on negative thoughts. That indicator is your emotions. Use your feelings like a barometer. When you feel crappy, don’t try to solve it by addressing the negative situation or negative person first that seems to be responsible for your crappy mood. Instead ask yourself, “What have I been thinking about lately? What has my focus been on?”. You see the people and situations are just the end result of those prolonged negative thoughts. You attracted them! If you focus on the end result, you are just addressing the symptoms not the illness and even if you remove those negative people or situations, others will come because you still have not changed your thinking and focus. This is a good way to stop you from feeling that your happiness is UP IN THE AIR and dependent on other people or situations or things.

We have been stumbling through life using this Law without realizing it. Can you imagine if we started to use it consciously? For positive things? Life affirming things? Planet saving things? So how about it? In 2008 and every year after, let’s live in spite of daily problems, today and everyday like we already exist in a better place. Let’s create a mind space that is impenetrable by marital problems, traffic woes, ridiculous clients or whatever the hell Manning do this time. Let’s treat our thoughts and emotions like the precious seeds of creation they are. Let’s make sure we stop spending our time, energy, concern, money, efforts, thoughts on the things we DON’T want. Start focusing instead on what we DO want and do so in the affirmative. Does someone irk you? Try to think of them less and less and when you do think of them, try and focus on the things you appreciate about them (you might have to really dig deep for some people). I guarantee you will see miracles happen with that person. Either they change or you somehow are not as bothered by them. *Gasp* You might even get to like them!

Does reading the newspapers make you feel more depressed and unsafe? Funny how the more unsafe we feel and the more precautions we take the more we are targeted by crime. So only read good news. Start at the back of the paper instead. Right now, that is what I am doing and even as co-workers around me rant and complain and worry over the murders and crime, I find myself feeling more peace of mind in my community and noticing more and more the good, considerate acts people do every day, totally unprompted, in my country. While people complain about the delinquent young people, the other day a teenage school boy passed by me and said, “Good Morning Miss.”
I smiled and said, ‘Good Morning.” back and told myself, “Yuh see, we keep looking at all young school boys and thinking, future criminal delinquent and it is not as bad as all that. We are projecting our negative expectations on the youth just as much as they dishing it out. They are only answering our expectations.”

Does a certain political figure boil your blood because of their corrupt ways? Don’t focus on them. Focus your energy into supporting leaders who are the opposite of them. I’m sure you realize all of our Caribbean politics is based on voting OUT the present government instead of voting IN the one we want. Yet we still end up with the one we don’t want in the end. Negative political tactics will only bring negative results-The Law of Attraction is unfailing. So I am going to put less energy into hating Manning and more time loving and supporting the people who should be our future leaders. Fighting against any entity only gives it more energy or creates a worse successor that rises from the ashes of that entity’s defeat. So in fighting colonialism, Eric Williams created a Juggernaut monster of “gimmie gimmie” syndrome in our country. War on drugs only brings newer more lethal drugs like Meth and prescription medicines. War on crime, only results in more clever criminals. Fighting against debt, creates more debt as debt management companies need people to be in debt to make a living themselves. Fighting disease creates more disease or side effects from the drugs (we know those ridiculous pharmaceutical commercials) that are worse than the disease. That is why holistic medicine that promotes “wellness” instead of fighting illness is gaining popularity. People are finally getting the message.

Many will say, “ But you can’t just be all peace and love and Kumbaya! That is not realistic! You are making light of the injustices in the world!”
Respond with, “Yes! Exactly! How else are we supposed to get rid of it? By making it heavier? At least making it light makes it easier manage and easier to be rid of. Why make it heavier by feeding it with more frustration, anger and sadness?”
Mother Theresa used to say, “I will never attend an anti-war protest. However if you want me to attend a pro-peace rally, I will go.” This is the deeper meaning of Jesus saying, “Love your enemies and bless those who curse you” and the Buddhist approach of “least resistance” to opposition. If everything is all energy and everything is all connected, then fighting against your enemy is also fighting against yourself, as the USA is currently finding out. Understanding and changing your enemy positively is also understanding and changing yourself. Can you imagine if the American Government and people were a little more enlightened and responded to 9/11 in a completely different way and fought fire with water instead of with more fire? I have decided in 2008, to change my approach to my letters to the Editor and in my online blog. I will not rant. I will not bring up problems without also writing twice as much on the solutions. Here is a little exercise we can all try, identify world problems or issues in your country and then spend a little time thinking about ideas to solve it or the positive opposite of that problem. Even if you are not given the means to solve it, I guarantee someone else or some organisation will soon begin addressing it.

After being deprived of Carnival for almost FIVE YEARS (I was supposed to play last year and had to go for an emergency appendectomy Carnival Thursday), Nick and I went scouting for a band to play in early this season. Being former Minshall loyalists, we decided to go to see Brian Mc Farlene’s presentation since it is the closest kind of mas to what Minshall used to do: mas with message and innovative costumes. His band is also very gay friendly. Well while I respect his theme of Earth: Cries of Despair, Wings Of Hope, when I saw the costumes and section themes, I realized I could not possibly play his mas. All his sections in the adult category deal with negative global problems. There is no way I am jumping up and down the streets of Port of Spain as “Pestilence”, “Famine”, “Oil Spill” and “Global Warming”. Carnival is like a ritual to me. The collective energy of the people and the wining (Wining down to the ground is a way to open up the kundalini energy and channel Mother Earth energy. Can you imagine the power of thousands of people wining) raises positive power to send to the Universe. I am not going to attract disaster to our country by portraying such negative things. Furthermore, his, “Wings Of Hope” section is the children’s section, designed by Roselyn Gabriel. So he has the adults playing disaster and the children playing hope. In other words, he is saying, OUR generation has failed the earth and it is up to the children to solve our shit. NONSENSE! Certainly we have made mistakes but as we speak, it is still OUR generation working the hardest at a solution and we have done a lot of good this new generation should be damn grateful for! Then I realized, perhaps I am taking this all too seriously. It is all about the joy, sexual energy, Mother energy and I could damn well wear bikini and beads and jump and wine and wail and have the same impact as in a “serious costume” or perhaps even more. So Nick and I are playing with Evolution this year in the “Tantalize In Teal” section. Do you know when we went to register, they were so welcoming. No big deal was made about Nick’s request to wear boy’s shorts instead of the bikini and the male costume for Monday. They treated us with respect and friendliness. We had a blast too on Monday and Tuesday.

Having a blast with my partner Nick for Carnival 2008 in bikini mas. It's the spirit behind it that counted this year and Brian Mc Farlene's message was just too depressing to get me in the right spirit to celebrate being alive on this earth.

Ever notice that people who are discriminated against, be they black, gay, female, the louder, angrier and more aggressive they are, the more opposition they get and the longer they have to struggle to gain results and it always has a negative backlash. They divide instead of unite. It’s the difference between say, Louis Farrakhan and Barak Obama. It’s why you cannot feel solidarity and 100% sorry for either Israelis or Palestinians because they both handle their current situation so badly. Yet somehow, those in the same situation who simply reflect the opposite and positive attributes and live life with joy, focusing on their gifts and acting like they are already accepted, equal, loved are somehow embraced by a wider set of people and have more lasting influence and bring people together regardless of their differences. The conservative and evangelical Christians in America should take note of this. They constantly complain, think and act as if they are so persecuted by the secular left. In turn the secular left further make them out to be scary and intolerant. This vicious cycle does not have to continue if people stopped blindly accepting the role of victim. I once confronted an evangelical Christian over the net who complained of America persecuting Christians because his kid had to learn evolution in science class and the state no longer mandated prayer in school. I told him he was being a big wussy baby. Christians in America have the richest churches, organisations and wield tremendous political power. They can worship freely. They can even proselytize and constantly boast about how they are growing larger and larger in number. Yet they complain more about being persecuted than the first century Christians who were being hunted down and thrown to the lions by the Romans. They end up attracting even more persecution to themselves as a result.

Nick and I have found it to be a fact, that when we enter any situation feeling uncomfortable or expecting to be targeted because of our sexual orientation, our worse fears often come to pass. But I now know that if you love yourself and have nothing to be ashamed of you should be fearless and live like you have every right to be who you are, even in a non-tolerant place. It’s harder said than done of course. But there was this one occasion when Nick and I lived in Belmont and we were walking back from Globe Cinema and some man started with the, “Look two zamies! Fire bun dem! Fire bun dem!” nonsense. For some reason, I don’t know what came over me and I started to laugh and I told Nick to laugh and we laughed and laughed and the man was instantly silenced and slunk off. So you know what, from now on I will laugh and those who display such ignorance and I will smile sympathetically at them as I say, loud enough for them to hear “Thank God I really love and appreciate the life I have. If I were to drop dead right now, I am so at peace with myself, with God and I am so grateful for that!” And if I feel particularly spunky I will look the person in the eye and say, “How about you? Do you love and appreciate your life? I hope so! God bless you.” I think I have outgrown being a victim, especially after my experience with the asylum process in England. Therefore I resolve that the only people I will conscientiously attract and acknowledge are those who respect me and my relationship.

Ever notice that people who are discriminated against, be they black, gay, female, the louder, angrier and more aggressive they are, the more opposition they get and the longer they have to struggle to gain results and it always has a negative backlash. They divide instead of unite. It’s the difference between say, Louis Farrakhan and Barak Obama.

Thoughts are seeds of creation. Words are power. Actions seal the deal. Don’t put power into the negative. I am sure you know women who are desperate to find love and yet they are constantly complaining about men’s shortcomings. Therefore they don’t notice love, only disappointment. Lately, I have started feeling kinda sorry for guys. Yes, big old feminist me! I have been observing so many women who were just like me when I was with my first serious relationship. Clingy, insecure and taking absolutely no responsibility for how they are treated. They lay their entire happiness on the man’s shoulders, he can’t get a break or make a mistake. Lately, I have been looking at certain women and feeling,
“I just cannot feel sorry for you. Wow you really are an impossible bitch and if I were a guy, you’d drive me to drink too!”

Or here is a more personal one: The more I focus on the weight I have to lose, the more weight I ALWAYS have to lose! Funny eh? The easiest weight loss I have ever experienced was when I decided to stop dieting and just eat in a way to make my body feel good. I was just happy in my own skin and enjoying being active, full of energy and eating what I enjoyed with no guilt. (By the way, medical science shows that the emotion of guilt releases cortisol into your bloodstream, which makes your body create and store MORE body fat.) I did everything I wanted because it felt good to my body and not out of obligation or guilt. Pounds dropped off effortlessly and the funny thing is, I didn’t even notice. It was people that kept telling me, “Girl, you disappearing! What you doing?” and I would be like, “Really?”. And it wasn’t until I fit into a small size dress it hit me. All this without any gym membership or diets! Right now, I have no idea how much I weigh but I know its much less than what I weighed in high school when my parents put me through so much punishing exercise and guilt with food. I’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t even MATTER! I feel good. I believe I look good in my clothes. I have energy! I had my fill of ponche a crème, pastelles and pork this Christmas with no guilt. I danced for hours straight on New Years even with margaritas and champagne and I planning to play bikini mas, despite my few jiggly bits, no shame!

So I suggest we all stop saying, “I’m fat. I have to lose weight. I can’t eat this. I can’t eat that.” Instead say, “I am getting healthier every day and I just love my body! I am going to enjoy my food and it will energize my body and make me feel good! ” Any unhealthy habits that harm your body cannot be maintained if you are thinking good thoughts about your body and yourself. That’s how I beat nicotine addiction despite my lingering love of the smell and flavor of tobacco since I was a kid. When I saw my co-worker’s ninety-something year old aunt enjoying her evening pipe I realized that there is a big difference between having to smoke every hour on the hour and choosing to enjoy a smoke every once in a while. There is a fine line between needing a cigarette badly because of withdrawal symptoms and psychological dependency and feeling guilty and horrible about yourself while you are smoking it, thinking, “This is so bad for me! I will get cancer if I don’t stop”, and enjoying a nice tasty cigar or pipe once in a while; because you like the woodsy smell and flavor of tobacco. You never hear of a rampant cancer epidemic riddling Native Americans throughout history because of all the tobacco and peace pipes they smoked. The attitude and thought behind the thing is just as important as the thing itself. Perhaps that is why the French can eat butter laden sauces, cheeses, pastries, red meat and very few vegetables and still not have the obesity rates, diet crazed America has. The French eat with pure enjoyment. They savour every morsel. With so much flavor and relish in every bite, quality of the experience, not quantity of food is what drives the appetite. It is what should drive everything in our lives.

Funny how the French stay thinner than Americans despite their rich cuisine. It's the spirit behind the enjoyment of the food, not the food itself that is to blame. Quality of the experience, not quantity.

Now I have no doubt there is infinite power available for you and me and all of us to change our reality in the blink of an eye. But if you find the turnaround a little slower than you want, remember that negative things are still coming in because your previous thoughts, actions and focused energy have leant their power to what you are experiencing right now. You set those things in motion and they still have to run their course. Don’t get down about it. Even if past thoughts and actions were not based in love and joy, the good thing is that you can CHANGE NOW and influence future developments or even lessen the effects of past negative thoughts and actions. Imagine our deepest, fondest desires for ourselves, our families and our countries are more than just dreams but blueprints. All they need to auto-build is our self-belief and total trust in the Creator.

So, “What are you going to draw on the blank page that is 2008?” Yes, we really do have that much power. We really can co-create along with the Creator, the life we want even against seemingly impossible odds. Oh my goodness that feels so good to know! Such a relief! So starting now, I believe and bless every day all the wonderful and beautiful things in store for you and all my friends and family. I am thinking constantly of wonderful developments happening in my country and in yours and the whole world. Everything is at our fingertips! What fun we shall have! What riches we shall enjoy! What love we shall experience! Aren’t you excited?

Hugs and kisses,


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